This page lists all learning tools for children discovered by MyLearningYantra. We have a combination of physical learning tools, which means they are available for those users with a specific physical location and other digital learning tools, which are available to everyone online.

Should you have a learning tool that should be added to this list, please let us know about it.

Brillbaby – Infant stimulation flashcards

Brillbaby provides resources for mothers and fathers to use for their babies and toddlers. They believe in early learning and relevant methodologies. They also provide resources for prenatal learning. Download free infant stimulation cards for your baby!

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Carnatic Raga

Carnatic Raga is an app that can help you learn the arohana and avarohana of all melakarta ragas in Carnatic Music. Apart from that, the app provides a great collection of other janya ragas with relevant exercises for practice.

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Download From Here
Carnatic Raga is a popular website that helps in improving vocabulary. It is also supported by a dynamic thesaurus. For avid mobile users, they have a mobile app that comes in handy to enhance vocabulary and usage.

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Flashcard Machine

A free service for creating web-based study flashcards that can be shared with others. Your child can create it for a game, in collaborative format or for study mode.  You can add visual and audio appeal to the flashcards and create a better learning experience.

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Flashcard Machine

Going to School is an NGO that encourages entrepreneurship among children with the help of storytelling. They use classroom sessions, videos and other modes of filming to promote this cause.

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Going to School
45 Burghley Drive #01-13 Burghley Lifestyle Hub, Singapore 559022

Gymnademics is learning centre in Singapore that uses learning methodologies created by the educationist Glenn Doman and his institute.  They also sell physical resources that are designed based on those learning methodologies and philosophy. They offer both centre-based and home-based programmes.

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From their website -

Our Vision 
To develop and nurture the human brain to achieve its full potential.

Our Mission 
Our mission is to educate and partner our parents in developing their children's learning potential through a structured and methodological programme during early childhood, from 3 months to 4 years old. We believe that an intelligent and focused child is a confident and happy child.

Our Goal
Our goal at GymnAdemics is to develop children holistically to achieve physical, intellectual, physiological, and social excellence. GymnAdemics is "Where Little Minds Are Nurtured" to:

Unleash their infinite potential 
Develop a solid educational foundation 
Achieve early reading and problem solving abilities 
Increase and improve their social and intellectual skills 
Build on their physical strength and mobility which will enhance their learning capability

+65 66100700
Indian Music Experience

The Centre for Indian Music Experience (IME), India's first interactive music museum, will be a vibrant music hub, providing visitors an educative and a unique cultural experience of India’s rich musical heritage.

+91 080 4090 8054
Institute for Achievement of Human Potential – IAHP

IAHP is a Philadelphia-based institute that helps mentally handicapped and normal children by introducing to methods that can exponentially increase their learning capabilities. They majorly focus on children between 0 to 6 years.

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To promote entrepreneurship among children, Piggybackr is where you teach children how to raise capital. It is a crowdfunding platform for children and more popularly known as the 'Kickstarter for children'.

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YEA India

YEA India is the Indian chapter that encourages entrepreneurship among children through their business plan competitions.

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The online learning tools for children is a mix of websites, mobile applications, games, videos or educational downloadable resources. Each tool that has made it to this directory is supported by a relevant guide that elaborates on the context of using the respective tool.

These learning tools support in improving the following skills and concepts of your child.

  • Reading skills
  • Writing skills
  • Language skills
  • Music skills
  • Artistic skills
  • Personality development
  • Mathematical skills

Learning tools for children created exclusively by My Learning Yantra are available in the learning resources section.