Learning is a lesson. Live it to learn it.

Learning is a process that involves constant improvisation and iteration to master a skill.

Apart from the number of articles we share on My Learning Yantra, we also have many learning resources both for your child and yourself. These resources are stacked under multiple categories by interests and by a child’s age group. The resources are developed as a point of reference in a textbook module.

While learning any skill or technique, you need to rely on some sacrosanct texts apart from experimental modules. This section combines all such learning resources for you.

Directory of Learning Tools for children

Access a rich list of learning tools for children on this page. It showcases a mix of websites, mobile applications, games, videos or educational downloadable resources.

Western Classical Music – Chords and Scales

Use this table as a reference, while you are introducing western classical music to your child. Chords are sets of notes played together and are harmonic sets. Scales, on the other hand, are a chromatic set of notes.

Reading Skills 

Access resources that will help you improve reading skills.

If there is any specific resource you are looking for which is not available here, please send us a note. We will be happy to create it for you.

Happy Learning!