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Yantra for effective parenting

You could have opted for a flexible work style or a busy and demanding job. No matter how your lifestyle is, parenting would remain to be 24×7 job. Having said that, finding parenting hacks for effective parenting is a constant discovery process for every parent. We have some parenting hacks that can be implemented in “30 seconds” of your schedule.

For those of you who think that 30 seconds is too little to implement effective parenting, we have news that says otherwise. Multiple 30-second sessions with your children would help you spend quality time and expose them to more than one paradigm of learning and life. We have listed easy and plausible 30-second sessions that meet the role of fathers and mothers. If you feel you meet the role of a father more than a mother and vice versa, then pick tasks and sessions that suit your role. We do not intend to stereotype roles and abilities, but this is for the ease of your parenting.

The explanation below provides one possibility of learning by hacking 30 seconds of your time while you are busy with an inevitable daily chore. Access a full- fledged table of hacks and download here.  Get creative and add more to the spreadsheet. Few of the hacks mentioned in the spreadsheet are explained below. Welcome to effective parenting.

30-second parenting hacks for Fathers

#Hack 1: Reading the newspaper – Do not get irritated when your kid approaches you while you are reading the newspaper. Read it out to them. Read out the headlines and get them to interact with the pictures, which helps in introducing encyclopedic bits and general knowledge to your kid. For the kid what matters most is the time he/she spends with you and hence would enjoy learning those new facts from you.

#Hack 2: Work from home – With an increasing trend of work from home, parents tend to sit with their professional work during family time too. During such times, your child would constantly ask for attention by inquiring about your work and asking questions. Do not chide them away that you are doing something very important unless it is a web/phone call that requires your complete attention. Hear out their questions and explain thoroughly about the nuances of your work.

If you are a finance or accounting professional, explain the spreadsheets. If you are a programmer, teach them snippets of coding. They are not too young to learn your work, in fact they are too smart and will understand your work, staying ahead of the crowd.

#Hack 3: Purchasing groceries – This might be a boring chore for you, but not for your child, if you accompany them. Take them to the grocery store along with you. Take their help to pick up stuff from the shelves and read out the shopping list. Encourage them to read out new brand names and explore more than one product as a process of purchase decision making.

If there is a need for negotiation, involve them in negotiating with vegetable and fruit vendors. Get them to select perishable goods like eggs, milk, fruits and vegetables.

#Hack 4: Money Management – Don’t hide counting money from your child. Let them know how transactions happen. Get them involved in checking the balance, segregating cash for maids and small vendors. Get them to maintain expenses on your behalf or during your absence. They could use a register or a mobile app to update expenses. This improves the child’s arithmetic concepts. “Kiddy bank management is another great habit to be introduced” Click To Tweet.

#Hack 5: Driving – At every signal encourage your kid to run arithmetic operations on the number plates around you. This is fun and helps them do mental math. Take a moment to introduce new vehicle models. Instead of telling your two years old “it is a car”, tell him/her whether it is an SUV or a Sedan, about the manufacturer and more technical details about the vehicle. Familiarize them with the traffic and road signs and advertisements that you see on the road.

Get the full list of hacks here. You can get creative and your own hacks to this sheet.

30-second parenting hacks for Mothers.

#Hack 1: Cooking & Kitchen management – Cooking is a great team activity. Do not dissuade your children from involving in cooking activities. Join them onto your team. Here are few things that would need 30 seconds of your time. Get them to segregate vegetables. This helps them recognize different vegetables. Further, involve them in managing your fridge.

Take their help in boiling water, dividing garbage, filling bottles and setting the table.

#Hack 2: Cleaning the house – There are some activities that your toddler as well as your 10-year-old can also do. Delegate filing papers, managing folders, changing the cushion covers, changing the bedsheets in their bedroom, segregating similar items into one corner, organizing books and more. For festive preparations, encourage them to help you in beautifying the house or inviting people for a meal.

#Hack 3: Travel – Travelling and planning for a vacation involves a lot of excitement as well as exhaustion. Take your child’s help in organizing travel documents and tickets. Encourage them to research online about the place you are visiting. To make it a fun trip, get them to create a music playlist that all of you enjoy.

#Hack 4: Gardening – Gardening could be one of your favorite hobbies on a holiday and a great time to spend with your child. Provide encyclopedic bits around plants, herbs, soil, birds and so on within your garden. While you dig up and plant, all you have to do is transfer knowledge to your child about what you are doing. Be vocal.

You can get an elaborate sheet of 30-second parenting hacks. Fill the empty spaces in the sheet with your own ideas of parenting hacks and build a comprehensive hack kit for yourself. Effective parenting begins here.

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